This wedding shoot was extra special.  I had the pleasure to shoot the weddings of this bride’s two siblings over the past 2 years.  It’s fantastic to have that relationship with one family.  It really makes me feel honored to have been a part of their most special days.

This was my first time photographing a wedding at JCT Kitchen and Bar.  It was such a great place to shoot.  It had it all.  The restaurant itself is very clean and chic.  There is a wonderful wrap around balcony, and a courtyard that is perfect for a ceremony.   I loved having the skyline  and railroad tracks to work with.  There was also a lot of industrial textures to use.  That contrast is always a plus to me.  I think we got some real editorial art that day.

This bride really had it together.  She was so organized, and had impeccable taste.  She was also, a TOTAL dream to work with:  fun, laid-back and organized, and gorgeous to boot.  She had some really great details for the day:  I was in love with her navy shoes! 

The bride and groom have a little daughter that served as flower girl.  She was perfectly sweet.  They had a special necklace made for her that they put on her during the ceremony.  It was a really lovely touch.

This couple threw a perfect event, and it was really my pleasure to be there………



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