This couple could not have been more adorable.  This little gal is a real doll.  She has an effervescence about her.  When she fell in love with her military boyfriend, she came calling for some photography shots to document their love.

Their love was so apparent, as I watched them through my lens.  He had a real gentleness with her that was really sweet.  This pair didn’t get to see each other as much as they would have liked.  Early in their courtship, he was actually stationed in Iraq.  Thankfully, he is back in the states safe and sound now.

This photo shoot warmed my heart.  It was lovely to see this young, new love in my lens.

We used a couple of simple locations around Atlanta for our shoot.  First was a knocked down building that had a great brick exterior wall still standing.  It was a perfect back drop.  Next, we hit a little park.  When shooting this kind of portrait session, it isn’t really about the location.  It’s about creativity and chemistry.  I love doing portrait work.  It’s a great opportunity to try and capture the true beauty of my subject; to make them look like their “authentic” self.  It is my honor to take that on.

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