I was really excited about this shoot.  It took place in Asheville, North Carolina last fall.  If you have not been to Asheville in the fall, you need to plan a weekend away this year.  The city is lovely, and has a bohemian feel to it.  It sits, nestled in the mountains, and in the fall it’s reminiscent of a Wordsworth poem.  This event was planned in mid-October, so the colors were at their peak.  I made a weekend of it, and rented a little cabin for the weekend.  While I was there, I visited the Carl Sandburg house, and the Arboretum.  I was attached to my camera all weekend, and was really inspired by the crisp air, and changing season.  I actually got some beautiful nature photography during my time in Asheville.

This couple chose The Blake House Inn for their venue, a historic home right outside of Asheville.  The house was a perfect spot for a small wedding.  The rooms of the charming inn were filled with the bride and groom’s families for the weekend.  The rooms of this historic home were all unique, and it was quaint and cute, and everything you want from a historic mountain inn.

The bride chose beautiful fall colors for all of her flowers and décor, using deep purples and oranges.  Her hair and make-up were gorgeous, being that the bride works as a stylist. 

The couple used the groom’s mustang as their get away car.  It was the most customized, well-loved vehicle I have ever seen.  Every inch of it was customized with something.  I’m pretty sure that it loves the road.

This couple was down to earth, and casual, and the kind of couple that you can really relax and let your hair down with.  Their event really reflected this.  There was no stress.  There was no pretention.  It was just about their love and having some fun up in the mountains.

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