I had so much fun photographing this family!  It was my first time doing their family portraits, and I look forward to working with them more over the coming years.  One of my favorite things about the family session is getting to know the children.  They are so much fun to work with.  These two little guys were some of the most well-behaved, sweet, and polite little boys that I have ever worked with.  This session was a breeze, and I loved getting to work with new clients.

We photographed this session in Atlantic Station.  It was a great spot to get the city feel that we wanted without being in the thick of it.  With little guys you really don’t want to be doing a session in downtown Atlanta with cabs flying by.  It was the perfect spot!  The weather that day was an added bonus.  It was one of those moody skies that I adore:  blustery and ever-changing.

Another super cool thing about this session?  Because this fabulous couple had a connection at The Millennium Gate in the middle of Atlantic Station we were able to go up to the balcony after hours for a few skyline photos.  What a sweet little bonus.  I had never been inside the gate.  This marvelous Arc de Triomphe look-alike contains a wealth of Georgia history with beautiful period rooms.  Very cool.

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