People comment all the time about how challenging it must be to photograph young children, especially several at the same time.  I always say the same thing.  I don’t find it to be tough at all.  If I were trying to make them all sit in a perfect little row, sure.  That’s just not what I do, and I find that kind of portrait work to be a bit stiff and not at all realistic.  I want to capture the real moment.  When I photograph small children I just hang out with them.  I let them unveil to me their sweet and funny personalities, and that’s what I run with.  Some children are super playful, some shy, some are down right serious.  It’s all beautiful, and I don’t think ‘smile for the camera’ is always the way to go.  These gorgeous kiddos are so fun!

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Every family portrait session should be a lot of things, but most importantly it should be FUN and UNIQUE!  That’s what it’s all about.  🙂