I met this cool family a couple of months ago.  As it turns out they are my neighbors in Decatur.  I enjoyed working with this couple tremendously.  They are both fellow creatives, and we worked together seemlessly…….and their new little man was too cute for words.  This couple had an edge, and didn’t want anything too traditional.  This is always music to my ears.  I love to look for creative ways to showcase my clients.

As a portrait photographer you dream about how you want a photo idea to play out.  You certainly cannot be rigid, and have to think on your feet every minute of the shoot.  However……….. this little ‘Rock’nRoll’ nap is just perfection to me.  Love this one!

These little moments are exactly why I love family portrait sessions.  I am always so wonderfully aware of the special importance of capturing life’s beautiful moments.  It is an honor every time, even after having thousands of people in front of my lens over the past 12 years.

Tell me that this baby boy isn’t destined to be a cool dude!  🙂

One of the very best things about being a photographer is the intimate space I share with my clients.  I adore observing them, and being trusted to capture it all.  Being in front of the lens isn’t the most natural thing for most of us, and I love that my clients tell me how fun I made it for them.  It’s always a treat to hear that.  If you’ve been meaning to plan a portrait session with your family, a new baby, a beloved pet, or a significant other then CONTACT ME today.  I assure you that it will be a blast!  Hope to hear from you soon…………………..