I am lucky enough to have this adorable little face in front of my lens a couple of times a year.  Photographing children is nothing but fun.  I photograph my client’s children all over the state of Georgia.  People often ask me if it is difficult working with children.  Not in the least.  I hear stories about photographers trying to rule a shoot with an iron hand, or having about 30 minutes of patience.  I wonder how these folks came to call themselves professional children’s photographers.  It’s curious.  Flexibility and patience coupled with a friendly spirit is the whole trick when photographing kids.   I let them be themselves because, after all, they are entirely lovable just as they are.  I do what I call ‘gentle direction’ to get certain shots that I want, but for the most part I hang out with them for an hour.  It’s really the best.  🙂  Tell me this little angel face isn’t adorable!

I love this one.  This little man is always on the go with a sweet smile on his face.  This is an authentic capture if I’ve ever seen one.  🙂


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