This gorgeous family wanted me to come by the house for their holiday portrait session.  I photograph portrait sessions in my client’s home very often, and it’s fun for me to stretch my creative muscles in a private home.  I try to find the light, the angles, the perspective that will make a residential property come to life as a portrait location.  The best thing about doing a family portrait session at home is that everyone is so comfy in their own space.

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I am THE detail person.  It’s ALL about the details, and you see a lot of that in my portrait photography work.

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When I am photographing a family portrait session I strive to be the best portrait photographer I can be, every time.  I photograph someone or something almost every single day, but I’m inspired by what is in front of my lens at that moment.  I let the unique energy of every family guide me in my inspiration, and it’s always a wonderful journey.  🙂

Get in touch with me, and we’ll take our own little journey…….