How do you beat the heat when photographing a wedding the last weekend of July in the Southeast?  You work fast and hard.  Hot weather can be a tough one when your subjects are decked in formal wear.  As an artist, you want to try a ton of stuff, but you have to balance that with the comfort of your subjects.  I do not want my clients to melt to death during a shoot, so I put my experience to work, and get the job done double-speed.

This happy couple had been in front of my lens twice before, so I was very excited to be there for their big day.  It did not disappoint, and was a lovely event.  The event took place at Founder’s Hall, a historic venue in downtown Roswell.  It was an elegant affair with southern details, including praline pecans and southern sangria.

After a beautiful evening the happy couple set off for a romantic Mexican honeymoon!