This Atlanta wedding photographer was recently working for a few days in northeast Georgia.  While there, I photographed several portrait sessions and an event.  This beauty was my subject for an impromptu session.  She happens to be my best friend of over 25 years.  I had all of my equipment with me so I talked her into throwing on a sundress and some boots, and taking a little stroll in a field.  I work fast, and we spent a short 15 minutes before an afternoon thunderstorm.  We got some fantastic shots, and had a few laughs.

A one-on-one portrait session is always one of my favorite things to do.  There is nothing like that undivided attention that I can have on one subject.  It’s a little bit of magic to chase after that perfect expression, that certain look in the eye.  It’s what makes me love my job so very much. 

Is it time for your senior portraits?  Are you looking to do a sexy boudoir session to spice things up?  Need some unique and slick headshots?  You name it.  I want to shoot it.  Contact me today, or find me on Facebook.  Can’t wait to meet you!