For this recent engagement portrait session I headed up to Tallulah Falls, Georgia.  I LOVE to get up to the mountains, and I actually grew up a stone’s throw from the gorge.  If you’ve never made the drive up to this part of Georgia you are missing out on something stunning.  It’s also fantastic to work in the area because I know it like the back of my hand.  I am always looking for new locations, and going out on scouting trips, but it’s nice to hit one that I am intimately acquainted with.

I’ll be photographing this adorable couple’s destination wedding this June in Tennessee.  I know that it is going to be wonderfully creative, and showcase their fun-loving personalities.

When I photograph a session in a rural setting it’s all about capturing the beautiful textures that these locations reveal.  I’m always drawn to the tall rustling grasses, or the old barn door with paint chips crawling down the front of it.  A moss covered stone or fence that has nearly fallen over.  The weathered facades of the country are endlessly beautiful to me.

When she says ‘YES‘ give me a shout.  Photo By Gannon wants to be a part of the big day!