On a perfectly overcast day in early June, I photographed this sweet couple in downtown Atlanta.  An overcast sky is a photographer’s best friend.  Though there is no such thing as a cool evening in Atlanta this time of year, we stuck it out, and got some amazing images.  First I photographed the couple in Centennial Park.  The couple dressed it up a bit, and the bride-to- be wore heirloom pearls. 

Next, we drove over to The Carter Center.  I’ve used the Carter Center for portrait sessions in the past, and it never disappoints.  It offers sprawling green spaces, and a great shot of the midtown skyline.  To finish up our little session, I took the couple to a new graffiti wall nearby.  I had noticed the new paint job, a few days prior.  This new graffiti happened to feature the bride’s colors for the wedding, so it just had to be done!

Many thanks to this awesome couple for hanging in there with the heat, and being a blast to work with!