This Atlanta family portrait session was too sweet.  The family’s newest member was such an adorable little girl, and the three of them together made for a perfect trio.  I’m so glad that I was able to catch up with these fabulous clients.  They are an absolutely BEAUTIFUL family, and I’m so happy to have had them in front of my lens.  I can’t wait for next time!

How gorgeous is this little gal?  🙂

There are so many amazing things about being a family portrait photographer.  The best part might be getting to see my clients every year during milestones and celebrations.  Maybe the best part is the hundred holiday cards that come in the mail featuring my portrait work.  Maybe the best part is watching all of the adorable little children grow up, and being a little part of that family’s history.  Maybe it’s ALL the best!  Spring is right around the corner.  Let’s plan your family’s portrait session!