For this family portrait session we headed to the ALWAYS photogenic downtown Marietta.  It’s one of my favorite squares to photograph in Georgia.  There are charming backgrounds everywhere you look.  Nothing makes this photographer happier than some good-looking, weather-worn brick.  It’s perfection, and downtown Marietta is lousy with it.  I have the pleasure to do a family portrait session with this beautiful Atlanta family a few times every year.  They are gorgeous together, and it’s great to catch up every few months over my camera.  Have a look at this darling family portrait session.

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These adorable little blondies are too cute.  I have really enjoyed watching them grow up in front of my lens.  As a children’s portrait photographer I try to form a strong relationship with my little clients.  I don’t want them to dread their close ups.  I want them to think of their portrait sessions as taking a fun little walk with Annie.  🙂

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As an Atlanta photographer my work takes me ALL over the state.  I’m never in the same spot two days in a row.  That combined with the unique energy of all of my clients keeps my inspiration revved up.

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I have been doing this lovely work professionally for way over a decade now, and have seen so many delightful smiles unfold in front of me.  When it comes to photographing children it’s all about the art of hidden direction, and sitting back to wait for the organic moments.  I’m not interested in a ‘perfect’ photo when it comes to children.  I’m interested in capturing the lovely little people that they are.  🙂

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With our busy, busy lives it’s too easy to let too much time pass between family portrait sessions.  If you have been meaning to jump in front of a lens with your family, let it be mine!  We’ll take a little stroll together, have a couple of giggles, and a short few days later you’ll have a beautiful afternoon of memories captured forever.