The past couple of years I’ve had the pleasure to photograph a lot of events for Atlanta’s High Museum of Art.  As a self described art geek, this is always a treat.  I’ve been a scholar of art and an artist myself for as long as I can remember.  Most of my earliest memories involve drawing and painting.  I remember crawling under my bed, and drawing on the wall as a toddler.  I remember my parents not getting mad because they thought it was quite good.  Ha!  As an innately creative being it is a true blessing to have been raised in an art-loving, creative home.  My artistic endeavors and studies were always REALLY encouraged.  I cannot image what my life would look like had that not been the case.  Photographing this event at The High Museum was of particular interest to me.  I have been a tremendous fan of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera for many, many years.  Their work is so important so seeing this exhibit multiple times was a treat.  Being ALONE with it for a time was one of the highlights of my year.  This was one of the previews for the patrons of the museum.  It was a fabulous event.

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The High Museum of Art is such a fantastic thing for the city of Atlanta.  The guest curators and exhibits that have been streaming through are impressive.  If you have not visited in a while….go.  Go ahead and become a member so that you can enjoy it whenever you like.  Say hello to my favorite Rothko for me while you are there!