How fun is it to photograph a math teacher’s wedding on ‘Pi Day’?

To call this darling couple a delight is a maj understatement.  They are sweet, and fun, and life-loving.  And they love each other in a beautiful way.  I dug them right from the start.  We started the big day at a friend of the bride’s house.  The ladies primped over champagne and brunch.

Once the bride was in her gorgeous gown it was off to Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Flowery Branch.

I know that brides often are beyond bummed when it rains on their wedding day.  I always tell them it’s an opportunity for awesomeness.  Let this be exhibit A.  I’m a rainy day kind of gal, by nature, so I’m all about bringing out all of the wonderful things about a gray day.

Such a cute group of dudes.

As I was getting to know this stunning bride, and learned that she was of Puerto Rican heritage, I was extra excited to pick her brain.  I am slightly obsessed with Puerto Rico so it was fun to be able to ask her about some of her fave places on the island.  P.S.  If you are planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, let’s talk!

After a beautiful ceremony at Prince of Peace we were off to the oh-so-charming Payne-Corley House.  Set along side the railroad tracks in Duluth, The Payne Corley House is a historic home turned wedding venue.  It’s been a staple in the wedding game for as long as I can remember, and it’s a wonderful little venue.