Getting the opportunity to photograph newborns is always a treat.  What’s not to love?  It’s a unique feeling to have the honor to capture such a special time in a family’s history.  I love getting to come back year after year, and watch the children grow up in front of my lens.  I have to say I really dig being around new parents as well.  They are always a little sleep deprived, and are just emitting love!  It’s endlessly adorable to me.  🙂  I worked with this growing family for the arrival of their first child.  He was a little pro, and we had a blast hanging out with him.  His first photo session was a smash!

You have to love these little feet!

This newborn’s father is a major music fan, so we used some vinyl as a prop.  Something that I always like to do in a portrait session of any kind is bring in the personality of my subjects.  I often ask my clients to tell me about themselves a bit before we even plan our shoot so that I can get some ideas.  For newborn portrait sessions I like to use things that come from YOUR home rather than some arbitrary prop that has been used in a dozen other portrait sessions.  I want each session to feel unique and special.  🙂

I really enjoyed spending time with this little family, and left like we were buddys by the end of our session.  I can’t wait to have this little man in front of my lens again…………… We ‘SPRING FORWARD’ this weekend which means it is officially portrait season.  Spots go super fast, and I want to plan a session with your family.  Contact me today or find me on facebook, and we’ll start planning your session.  Hope to hear from you soon!