For the 4th of July this year Photo By Gannon headed up to Boston and Cape Cod to have some fun, and take some great photographs.  While there I had a blast visiting some of the most historic sites in Boston before heading out to the Cape.  There is nothing like being in Cape Cod for what is the most American day of the year.  I ate my weight in seafood, sampled summer ales, and was on a bike more than I was in a car.  Nice. 

It was surreal to be strolling past the graves of Hancock and Revere with musicians in period garb marching by with their drums and flutes.  It was such a scene, and the energy was intoxicating.

Boston is just one of those towns where I can walk around all afternoon and people watch.  I loved this sweet couple in The Common.  They were napping so perfectly.  🙂

Heading out of Boston, the energy just continues after you hit Rt-6.  It is the drag that runs through the heart of the Cape.  The vibe on the Cape is, for lack of a better word, CHILL.  It is all about hanging out.  Sure you can find a little ruckus if you look for it, but for the most part it’s about early morning bike rides, seafood lunches, and getting on or at least near the water.

On the actual 4th of July I headed to Provincetown for the day.  First of all, P-town is gorgeous.  The town, which is perfect New England lovliness, is surrounded by magnificent dunes.  I showed up early to catch the parade, which is teaming with creative floats and fun-loving locals.  It is an explosion of all things red, white, and blue!

After enjoying the parade, and an al fresco lunch it was time for whale watching.  I climbed aboard one of the fine Dolphin Fleet vessels.  The trip began with beautiful views of P-town and the Puritan Tower as you set out toward the Atlantic.  I never expected to see so many beautiful whales on this trip.  I must have seen 15-20 humpbacks!  It was incredible, and I was so touched by the experience of seeing these giants in the wild.

After the positively spiritual experience of hanging out with the humpbacks it was time to grab a quick and delicious dinner at Bayside Betsy’s before enjoying the fireworks.  It was a brilliant holiday!  On my last day in Cape Cod I made a quick pilgrimage to The Edward Gorey House.  I have been a lifelong fan of his work, and was really happy to be able to visit the home of one of my favorite creatives.  It was a really nice way to end the trip, and brought back many fond memories of exploring his books with my father when I was a child.  Check out the most gigantic cat I have ever seen having the run of the place at the Gorey house!

Cheers to a Happy Holiday!  I hope to be back soon…………….Have a destination event coming up?  Wedding?  Reunion?  Photo By Gannon is ALWAYS ready to jump on a plane.  🙂