Sometimes in life everything falls into place in a seemless fashion. This Kellum Valley Farms wedding was the perfect example of this.  Kellum Farms is tucked into the rolling mountains of Cleveland, Georgia.  Cleveland is a tiny town in northeast Georgia.  Kellum Farms is remarkable.  Right down to the sweet-faced farm dog this place has a little magic up it’s sleeve.  The grounds are peppered with old farm buildings, rustic signage, and stone ruins.  It was a dream to work here.  The cherry on top was the staff.  Everyone was so helpful and kind.  It was just a feel-good kind of place………Be sure to look for this wedding when it graces the pages of The Atlantan Bride in October.  🙂

What always makes my weddings so fantastic is my awesome clients.  I really have the best!  It’s beyond amazing to spend those hours leading up to the big moment with my bride and grooms.  This young couple was absolutely glowing with excitement, and it was intoxicating to be around.

Brooch Bouquets!  I’m loving these this year.  What a fun way to add some creative sparkle to your bouquet.

This gorgeous gown was the THIRD one that was purchased.  It was perfect.  It was also purchased by the groom as a surprise to his sweet bride.  I love something that steps outside of tradition a bit.  It makes things feel extra special to me.  🙂

I loved that this wedding party donned Toms during the festivities.  It worked perfectly, and looked really fabulous.  Who wants to teeter on stilettos in the grass anyway?  😉

CUTE IDEA ALERT:  This program had a little couple-centric  quiz on the back with a golf pencil attached.  It was the perfect activity for the guests as they arrived to the ceremony site. Later guests left their quizes behind for the couple.  I thought it would be fun to read through those after the wedding.

I was OBsessed with this cake!  It was covered with perfectly whimsical mushrooms, leaves, and acorns.  It was cute and sophisticated all at once.  This creative wedding cake is the creation of Cynthia Taggart of Kellum Valley Farms, and I think it’s brilliant!

This wedding photographer adores a southern wedding with sun-soaked backdrops like this one.

How cute are these?

I’d say that The Ruins at Kellum Valley Farms knows how to do amient lighting.  Everything twinkled and glowed after the sun went down.  It was lovely.  Don’t forget to check out The Atlantan Bride in October!  Photo By Gannon is so excited to hit the pages.  🙂

P.S.  Who’s shooting YOUR wedding?