Hello and Welcome to my very first Blog post!

My name is Annie Gannon Kaufman.  I am a creative photographer based in Atlanta, but always willing to travel.  I have been shooting professionally for over 10 years, and love nothing more.  I consider myself to be a true artist, and feel it is a privilege for me to get the opportunity to share my creative vision with my clients.

I have worked over 600 weddings as a creative photographer.  I find wedding photography to be particularly rewarding; being there for such an important occasion.  I try to be a real asset to my brides, not only creating beautiful images for them, but assisting them throughout the whole crazy process.  Whether it’s advising on the timeline, or recommending vendors, I do whatever I can to make their wedding day run smoothly.    

My philosophy is to try to keep my shoots fun and fresh:  and to combine art, fashion, and photojournalism to create a unique look for each and every shoot.  I feel my intuition gives me a real advantage in my work.  I have fine tuned this intuition over the years, and really “see” my subjects.  I always say, if you wait for the moment to happen, you have already missed it.  I get such a sense of satisfaction when I hear how much joy my images bring my clients and their families.

This intuition, combined with my gift for all things visual, make this glorious profession a dream-fit for me.  I cannot imagine doing ANYTHING else.  I love to see the world through my lens.  Whether it is a pair of happy newlyweds,  a mom-to-be, a child, a newly engaged couple, beloved pet, musician, or a unique vista……..I strive to capture my subject’s true essence.

I plan to post my experiences while on the job, and share some of the great images that result.  No two jobs are ever the same.  I hope in time, this blog can grow to be a valuable resource for those looking to hire a creative photographer.

Thanks for coming along, and I look forward to your questions and comments!

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